Who We Are

The idea of Nannies On Call Lebanon came to Marielle Bedrossian when she started noticing that all her friends found it very difficult to balance their social life with parenting. Most of them didn’t know where to keep their kids when they want to go out, and didn’t want to bother their own parents with them, so they ended up staying home.

Being a kindergarten teacher herself with a fondness towards children, she figured why not provide an in-home babysitting service and have a babysitter come to you instead of having to drop off your child and pick him up on your way home? This way, you won’t be moving him from his environment or disrupting his sleep routine. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Soon enough, with the growing need for professional childcare providers, the idea developed further and a bigger team of nannies and babysitters was formed to cater to more families. Whether you are going out for the evening and need a babysitter to look after your kids, or need the occasional help overnight so you can sleep a bit, Nannies On Call Lebanon is the answer.



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How do we choose our babysitters?


All our nannies and babysitters are educated Lebanese ladies, 80% of them being mothers.


Our babysitters come from a variety of educational backgrounds such as teaching, psychology, nursing, etc... They all undergo First Aid and CPR training.

Background Check

Every babysitter goes through a background check and provides us with a recent criminal record and contact details for families she has previously worked with.